Dear Students:

Welcome to Colorado State for a new academic year!

You’ll be hearing from me on occasion about news that impacts the university and your education — particularly the budget and what it means for CSU because this impacts both your tuition and the quality of your education. (A few of you will actually read these messages, and let me just say in advance that I really appreciate it. Many more of you claim to but can’t pass a simple quiz about what was in them, so I’m skeptical.)

Today’s message is obviously not one of the more substantive I’ll be sending. I really just want to say welcome or welcome back. We’re glad you’re here, we’re excited about the energy and spirit students bring to the CSU campus every fall, and we’re here to support your success in any way we can. This is an academic community, and we take that word “community” seriously — your safety and the quality of your education are our greatest priorities. So please, in addition to having fun, go to class, study hard, get involved, take care of yourselves and one another, know the rules and your limits, and ask for help when you need it.

Colorado’s school of choice

The year is already off to a great start, with more Colorado high school students choosing to come to CSU than any other school in the state. We’re also celebrating a new record for CSU research funding and one of our best years ever in private giving — both testaments to our outstanding faculty, who continue to rank among the most productive research faculties anywhere in the country. This means that you’ll be learning from people who are, quite simply, the best at what they do, and we encourage you to explore ways to get involved in research and hands-on learning opportunities that can add depth to your classroom education.

President’s Fall Address

I enjoy hearing about your experiences at CSU, so come to the Fall Address to the campus (on the Oval at 11:30 a.m. September 15), followed by the all-University picnic. Stop by, enjoy a free lunch (well, you have to listen to the address, so maybe it’s not totally “free”), and don’t be shy … come up and introduce yourselves.

School Spirit Proclamation

Finally, I want to give a nod to school spirit. Last week, the Fort Collins Mayor issued a proclamation in support of CSU and the green and gold. I, too, now want to offer an official proclamation calling on our entire community to “Get Your Green On” and don the school colors on Fridays throughout the year. Consider this my gift to you — Fridays are one day where you now won’t have to spend any time worrying about what to wear. (The official proclamation is below.)

That’s it for now — have a great first week of classes, behave yourselves, and remember, only 72 days until the Cubs are again tied for 1st place — 2012 could be the year…


Dr. Tony Frank

“Get Your Green on Proclamation”

Whereas Colorado State University seeks to showcase and promote the traditions and spirit that make the CSU college experience meaningful, memorable, and unique;

Whereas the University recognizes that the wearing of the school colors symbolizes the enduring bond among all those whose lives, minds, and personal achievements have been influenced by the quality of their Colorado State education;

Whereas the University community is proud of its educational mission and its commitment to academic excellence — and proud to demonstrate our support for this great university at every opportunity;

Whereas CSU is building a winning athletic tradition that is grounded in an emphasis on service, character, and achievement and celebrated in green and gold;

Whereas the CSU colors and insignia are rooted in our history as a land-grant university with an enduring commitment to serving Colorado;

Whereas the primary CSU colors of green and gold are both pleasing to the eye and proven to be more inspiring to young athletes, alumni, and fans than such alternative combinations as black and gold; and

Whereas I have always wanted to sign something that started with “Whereas”;

Therefore: I, Dr. Anthony A. Frank, President of Colorado State University, do hereby proclaim Friday of each and every week “Get Your Green On” day, and in doing so, encourage all faculty, staff, alumni, students, and supporters to wear apparel bearing the colors and/or insignias of Colorado State on these days.