Dr. Joel Bacon joins Tony Frank on stage for the 2017 President’s Community Lecture Series

The President’s Community Lecture Series highlights the University’s outstanding programs and faculty. Lectures take place four times a year in various locations on the Colorado State campus. CSU created the lecture series in 2014 as a gift to the Fort Collins community to celebrate the city’s 150th birthday.

Past Presidential Lecturers

Dr. Chris Fisher
Modern Technology Revealing Ancient Cities and their Secrets
June 7, 2018, video

Dr. Wayne McIlwraith
Joint Injury and Arthritis: Helping Horses and Humans
April 18, 2017, video

Dr. Joel Bacon
Listening to the Past: The Casavant Organ of Colorado State University
Feb. 28, 2017, video

Bill Ritter Jr.
Powering Forward; America’s Energy Revolution
Nov. 7, 2016, video

Robin Reid
Walking with Herders (and Others): Bringing Different People Together to Work with Nature
Sept. 27, 2016, video

Amy Prieto, associate professor of Chemistry
Inexpensive, Efficient Approaches for Energy Conversion Storage
May 24, 2016, video of highlights, video of full lecture

Temple Grandin, professor of Animal Sciences
Helping Different Kinds of Minds Solve Problems
April 13, 2015, video

Ajay Menon, dean, College of Business
Imagining Innovation: Building Innovative and Smart Communities
March 4, 2015, video

Bryan Willson, professor and co-director of CSU’s Energy Institute
Zen and the Art of Engines, Algae and Third World Cookstoves
Nov. 12, 2014, video

Lori Peek, professor of sociology and director of the Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis
Katrina to Colorado: How Children of Disaster Change Lives
Sept. 30, 2014, video

Diana Wall, distinguished professor, world-renowned soil ecologist and director of the School for Global Environmental Sustainability
Lessons from an Antarctic Desert: The Hidden World and Response to Climate Change
April 30, 2014, video

Steven Withrow, distinguished professor, veterinarian and founder of the Flint Animal Cancer Center
Stories from a Career in Oncology: One Medicine. One Cancer. One Cure.
Jan. 21, 2014, video – part 1, video – part 2