November 10, 2017


Tomorrow is Veterans Day, when we celebrate the contributions of all those who have served our country through military service – and we honor their sacrifices. It takes a stunning kind of courage to take the oath to defend your nation, knowing only what you are leaving behind and knowing little of what lies ahead. And then to uphold that oath through the strains of battle, the pain of distance from family and friends, and all the sacrifices that entails takes another kind of courage, strength, and integrity altogether.

Our veterans – of all ages and service branches, in combat and in peacetime – disrupt their own lives to defend the lives and rights of others. We owe them an incalculable debt for our freedoms and privileges as Americans. We also them our commitment to work tirelessly toward peace, so that every service member comes home when their tour of duty is done.

At Colorado State University, we offer veterans our heartfelt thanks – as well as our humble appreciation that you are here with us now on the home front, members of a proud academic community that stands with you and supports you with pride and gratitude.

For all you have given, and for all that lies ahead in your lives, we celebrate you on this 2017 Veterans Day.

– tony

Dr. Tony Frank