Earlier this week, we went to the ballot box to participate in the election process – one of the most important and hard-won duties of Americans. Today, we celebrate the contributions of those who, over generations, have done their duty through military service to secure the freedoms we celebrate.

November 11, Veterans Day, pays tribute to the sacrifice of our service members and their families. At CSU, we’re proud of our ROTC heritage, proud of how our students and employees support veterans’ programs, proud that our alumni and friends have stepped forward to create scholarships and support programs for our student-veterans, and proud to be recognized among the most dedicated universities in the nation when it comes to meeting veterans’ needs.

Still, above all, we are proud of those who have taken the oath to defend our nation, and have done so in the face of often enormous personal sacrifice. And we honor, as well, the families of our service members who also have given so much.

A simple “thank you” seems insufficient, but please know that we are enduringly grateful – and that all you have given will never be

– tony

Dr. Tony Frank