We begin this week on a sobering note, in light of the vandalism that occurred at the Islamic Center of Fort Collins over the weekend. I want to thank all of you who rallied yesterday evening to show support for the Center and its members, who are our students, faculty, neighbors, friends, brothers, and sisters. I am writing this morning to express the support of our entire Colorado State University family – as well as our unwavering conviction that such acts of hate and violence have no place here. While this appears to have been the act of a single individual, the fear and uncertainty it spurs can have lasting repercussions that now the rest of us must rise to counter with love and open arms – to send the message that all people and faiths are welcome here, and that no act of senseless anger will keep us from standing together.

As always, there are resources available to anyone experiencing undue stress over what occurred this weekend:

  • Tell Someone is a confidential reporting line for anyone with concerns about safety or mental health issues – either your own or someone else’s. This includes concerns about discrimination and harassment. You can reach the Tell Someone phone line during working hours (or leave a message after hours) at (970) 491-1350 or use the online referral form.
  • Counseling services for students are available through the Student Health Network.
  • The Office of the Ombuds and Employee Assistance Program is a free service for employees to assist with resolving concerns and problems in the workplace, along with offering resources to address personal issues and concerns.
  • People with specific concerns about discrimination and harassment are encouraged to contact our Office of Equal Opportunity at (970) 491-5836,, for assistance.

Thanks, and best wishes for the coming week,

Dr. Tony Frank