Dear Students:

Hello. It’s time for my annual pre-spring break message. So let me just say the same thing to you I’d say to my daughters: When did your car lose its back seat under a traveling landfill composed primarily of unpaid parking tickets? Oops – wrong thing that I say to my daughters. Although, as a favor to your parents, clean up the back seat and pay some of those parking tickets.

Here’s the thought I really want to leave with you as you head off campus: There’s a lot we hope you get out of spring break—some sun, some rest, some good memories, caught up on homework—but not regrets. Be smart, be safe, make healthy choices, use common sense and moderation, and take care of yourselves and your friends. This world needs all of you and what you have to offer, and we want to see you all back here in one piece a week from Monday.

So whether you’re going on an alternative spring break, traveling somewhere with friends, putting in a few extra hours at work, or just recharging your batteries here or at home, enjoy your time off and come back re-energized for the push to….. wait for it….. FINAL EXAMS.

Have a great break—

– tony

Dr. Tony Frank