Well, students, you’ve survived mid-terms and your reward is a week off to rest and re-energize … which means it’s also time for my annual Spring Break email. Unlike most of my other messages to you, this one will be blessedly short: Have fun, get some time outdoors, recharge your batteries, and most of all, don’t be an idiot — we need you back to make a positive difference in a world that has such need of your gifts and talents.

So make smart choices, keep your embarrassing photos off Facebook (or, just a thought, avoid embarrassing photos and behavior altogether!), and take care of yourselves and each other. I’ve personally wound up with a Spring Break schedule that involves an entire week of meetings here on campus, but I hope you can do better than that and carve out time for the true break you’ve earned. We look forward to welcoming you all back to campus on the 23rd to begin the final stretch of spring semester!


Dr. Tony Frank

P.S. Yes, I welcome all the photos and emails from those of you who are headed to spring training for break. You can’t all, sadly, make it to Cubs’ games but the Rockies are a very solid choice. Under the “don’t be an idiot banner — of course avoid Cardinals games …

A special thanks to those of you on alternative spring break. Let me know what you’re engaged in. Be well.