May 7, 2019


While the news of the shooting at the STEM School in Highlands Ranch is still unfolding, what we know as a certainty is that this awful situation hits too close to home for many of our students who are from the Highlands Ranch area, as well as others who have been directly or indirectly connected to the plague of gun violence in our schools. If you have been personally affected or are otherwise in need of support, please reach out to the resources available to you here on campus. These include:

  • Student Case Management, 970-491-8051 – Our case managers will be reaching out as soon as possible to students who have Highlands Ranch addresses, but students who have been directly impacted are also encouraged and welcome to contact this office and speak to a case manager.
  • CSU Health Network counseling services, 970-491-6053 (during business hours); (970) 491-7111 for 24/7 and after hours assistance.
  • If you live in the residence halls, your hall staff is also available to you.
  • Faculty and staff may access supportive services through the Employee Assistance Program at
  • If you are concerned about safety or mental health – your own or someone else’s – go to

We don’t yet know the details of the shooting, but we do know that at least one person has died and others were injured, and that suspects have been taken into custody. We know that there are children and teachers who have been terrorized and at least one family has suffered unimaginable loss. We know – from bitter experience that we regret with each reminder – that every such assault, anywhere, is an assault on our humanity and the foundations of our society. And, when we have acknowledged the pain and come to grips with our frustration, we know that Rams take care of Rams, and we must step up and support one another in whatever way we can, because many among us may be hurting tonight, and each of us may be a balm upon that wound.

Colorado State University stands with the families, students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the STEM School and the community of Highlands Ranch, who are in our hearts this evening.

Be well. Take care of each other.

– tony

Dr. Tony Frank