September 3, 2018


Labor Day celebrates the drive and contributions of the American worker – and the generations before us who fought for the dignity and rights of working people. It is a time to honor and thank all those who want to put in an honest day’s work to care for themselves and their families. The hope for this modest goal has shown like a beacon, attracting like-minded people who have made this country their home since its founding.

It also seems fitting for us, as a university community, to celebrate all of those who work so hard to keep our campus operating and excelling every day, as well as all those who are here at CSU to transform their lives and careers through education. I particularly want to recognize the Classified Personnel Council, Administrative Professional Council, and the Faculty Council for serving as the elected representatives of our CSU employees, and for all of their work to make this University the finest employer it can be.

I am proud to work alongside all of you – enjoy this day.


Dr. Tony Frank