Dear Colleagues,

All of us are united today in our deep concern for the people and firefighters affected by the High Park Fire. For the latest updates related to the fire and campus, please follow, which is being frequently updated.

Updates on the fire itself are at

At this time, no University activities on the main campus have been cancelled, and all summer classes are continuing as scheduled. This includes Preview, Youth Sports Camps, Black Issues Forum, and other major programs. To the extent possible, we are moving outdoor activities inside — and likewise, students and employees are encouraged to move any non-essential outdoor activities indoors to avoid prolonged exposure to the smoke.

The Larimer County Health Department recommends that outdoor physical activities be avoided any time smoke can be seen or smelled. People who are experiencing health impacts related to the smoke should work with their supervisor or professor to make accommodations, if necessary. We are also working with Building Proctors to help them address any site- specific issues related to air quality or research impacts, so please contact them with any building-related concerns.

The University is continually monitoring the status and safety of facilities located away from the main campus, including Pingree Park and the Foothills Campus. Colorado State University has moved or canceled all activities scheduled at Pingree Park until further notice. Classes scheduled at Pingree Park, have been temporarily moved to the main campus. Students should report to Edwards Hall, where they will receive room information and other details directly from their instructors.

Employees and students in need

Many members of our campus community are personally impacted by the fire. If you know of an employee who is highly impacted, either through evacuations or property loss, and who needs additional assistance, please contact Lanai Greenhalgh, Director of the Office of the Ombuds and Employee Assistance Program at CSU, at (970) 491-1527 or so she can reach out to them.

Employees seeking counseling, financial planning, legal or other resources can also contact the EAP directly at (800) 497-9133. If you know of students who are highly impacted, please advise them to call 970-491-1350 for assistance with making arrangements for academic and personal impacts. Additionally, further resources from EAP are posted at

How to help

This type of tragedy always brings out the generous and caring spirit of our campus community. Anyone looking for a way to support victims of the fire should contact the Red Cross, which greatly appreciates all contributions. To volunteer or donate, visit their website

How CSU is helping

Colorado State University is actively helping by providing resources and assistance to assist with fire-fighting and recovery coordination efforts. The Joint Incident Command center is at the university’s foothills campus, housing about 2,000 emergency responders, helicopters and other fire resources. The university is supporting the operation by supplying facilities and utilities, as well as a significant number of our employees who are assisting with the efforts. CSUPD is assisting at the Incident Command Center by providing traffic control, security and dispatchers.

The Colorado State Forest Service is playing a significant role in battling the fire, and has deployed all available people and equipment to help fight the fire.

In addition, the university has offered to provide housing, if needed, to those displaced by evacuation and showers and rest facilities for fire fighters.

Our equine facilities are being used to house evacuated horses, and the Veterinary Teaching Hospital is supporting the Larimer County Humane Society with pets and small animals that have been evacuated. (The Humane Society — — should be contacted first before animals are brought to the hospital.)

This is obviously a very rough situation that is troubling to all of us. Let’s all keep our friends, neighbors and area firefighters in our thoughts today. Again, please follow for regular updates and information, and if you are personally impacted, please check in with our Employee Assistance Program ( for whatever assistance and support we can provide.


Dr. Tony Frank