January 8, 2019


As you likely know, Congress has not passed legislation to fund some federal government operations since December 22, 2018. Colorado State University receives significant federal funds for research, land grant programs, and student financial aid, and we are evaluating the possible impact of this shutdown on all aspects of university operations; monitoring potential impacts on our students, faculty, staff, and research programs; and preparing for any possible outcome.

Knowing that many of you are concerned about this, we want to be clear that the U.S. Departments of Education and Veteran Affairs have already received full fiscal-year funding, so there will be no disruption to financial aid or veterans’ benefits. As well, the U.S. Departments of Energy and Defense also have received full fiscal-year funding, so there will be no disruptions to facility operations or research under these departments.

At the same time, several federal government agencies that fund CSU research projects, such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), are unable to continue operations. While short-term stoppage of federal funds will be manageable, should the stoppage last more than a few weeks, those impacts may expand. While we remain hopeful Congress will reach an agreement very soon, we are continuing to develop strategies to minimize impacts should the partial shutdown remain unresolved. We are also in frequent communication with members of Colorado’s Congressional delegation and other federal leaders regarding the importance of ensuring government continues to operate without interruption.

CSU has managed through several government shutdowns in the past, but the duration of this one is unusual. We will continue to keep you informed of further details regarding federal budgetary actions and their effect on CSU operations and will continue to communicate with any particular groups who may be directly affected. As always, we are committed to efforts to minimize any impact on CSU’s community, research, and outreach programs.

Employees who are personally impacted by the shutdown and in need of support are encouraged to contact our Employee Assistance Program. Colleges or departments with specific concerns are welcome to reach out to any of us directly.


Dr. Tony Frank, President

Dr. Rick Miranda, Provost and Executive Vice President

Dr. Alan Rudolph, Vice President for Research


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