June 30, 2019

Well, CSU, this is it – my last email to campus as president. Where did those 10½ years go?

There are things I’d like to say here, but you know them already. This is a wonderful university – not perfect, because it is the product of human endeavor, but wonderful nonetheless. And it is that way because all of you, the people who are Colorado State University, have made it that way. You’ve never lost track of our role and mission as a Land Grant University. You’ve never shied away from a difficult task; indeed, you embrace them. You’ve never stopped asking how we could improve – in little ways and big ones, each and every single day. You never stopped caring about each other and about this place.

It’s been an honor to work with you, and I’m a better human being because of you. Thank you.

Be well, CSU, and take care of each other.

– tony

Anthony A. Frank

Chancellor and President

Colorado State University