Dear CSU Faculty and Staff,

Everyone who is currently employed at Colorado State University is encouraged to participate in the 2016 Campus Climate Survey that is designed to assess the current state of our university work environment. This is the third climate survey conducted by Colorado State University in the past six years. Some past issues that have been identified and addressed through the climate survey include diversity and inclusion training, bullying (which resulted in a formal policy adopted last year), and the lack of supervisory training, which became a priority for the employee councils and HR.

Conducting such a survey on a routine basis provides us a more solid baseline for continuous evaluation and improvement. Our aim is to gain a better picture of the University as a whole, not to focus on an individual or situation. We believe confidentiality is paramount to this process, and our goal is to ensure confidentiality to the greatest extent possible. We ask that you consider each question from your own perspective and answer in a way that makes the most sense to you given your own work environment and experience.

Hard copies of the survey also are available, in English and Spanish. Completed hard copy surveys can be returned by email or dropped in secure collection boxes at Morgan Library, the Diversity House at 645 South Shields, or at the Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness at 601 South Howes, by November 1.

Thank you for your willingness to participate in this important survey.

Dr. Tony Frank, President
Dr. Rick Miranda, Provost and Executive Vice President
Mary Ontiveros, Vice President for Diversity