Dear CSU Colleagues:

Over the last few years, we’ve weathered the worst of a recession, housing crash, and statewide budget cuts that have taken a toll on families across Colorado — and on many here in our own campus community who have struggled to make ends meet. But as hard as it’s been, all of us at CSU are thankful to be among the fortunate who have jobs and a reliable paycheck. Unfortunately, we all know friends, neighbors, and relatives who haven’t been so lucky.

That’s why we’re writing to you today. Colorado’s non-profit charities have taken a hard hit over the last few years, with declining donations and an ever-increasing demand for services. Agencies across our state — those that serve the less fortunate and most vulnerable among us, that fund critical medical research and support services, that strengthen our families, and that contribute to a vital quality of life — all need our help. And each year at this time, we have a chance to step up and do our part by making a gift through the Colorado Combined Campaign.

The Colorado Combined Campaign is our one opportunity each year to make charitable contributions via payroll deduction. It’s easy — just fill out the electronic form and the good folks in our payroll office will take care of the rest. For instructions and more information, visit our Campaign website.

We know that money is tight, but even gifts of just a few dollars can make a big difference. According to the United Way of Larimer County (one of the agencies you can support through the Colorado Combined Campaign), a gift of just $5 a week will buy ALL of the following:

  • One prescription co-pay for a low-income individual
  • Ten nutritious meals for seniors
  • Five nutritious meals and well-being checks to homebound individuals
  • One night of shelter for a homeless family of four
  • One week of after-school care for one child
  • One year of bus transportation for a disabled person
  • One night at a safehouse shelter for a victim of abuse

CSU is a community of people who do what they can to support and help each other during tough times. It’s part of the special, can-do character of Colorado State University and a reflection of our land-grant mission of service and outreach. So let’s all do our part this November and show Colorado what that CSU character is all about. Make a pledge today to the Colorado Combined Campaign.

Thank you for doing what you can — and best wishes on a great Thanksgiving season.

Dr. Tony Frank

Coach Tim Miles
2011 Honorary Campaign Chair