FY12 Draft Budget 3.0

Following its open planning and budget hearings, Colorado State University has released the latest draft of its budget for FY12. This Version 3.0 budget builds on earlier planning discussions and will be further revised over the course of the spring, as the University learns more about next year’s state funding levels for higher education. These figures are still being reviewed and are subject to change. President Tony Frank takes a final budget to the Board of Governors of the CSU System for approval in June.

Annual Financial Accountability Report FY 2010

Colorado State University: Academic Excellence, Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

Colorado State University publishes this annual Financial Accountability Report to provide easy access to our audited financial statements, along with summary information on areas of specific concern to Colorado State’s constituents. Our hope is that this report provides a clear, concise look at how your state University is responsibly and strategically managing its resources to assure maximum benefit for our students, our state, and the people of Colorado.

Given the ongoing financial struggles facing the State of Colorado, this year’s report includes a section on ways that CSU has reduced expenditures while preserving our commitment to academic excellence and achievement. Colorado State University is proud to be a good steward of the public trust, and this report is part of that ongoing commitment to transparency and accountability. We invite you to read it, ask questions, and become more familiar with the business of your state University.

Comments on the budget and the financial report may be forwarded to presofc@colostate.edu.

Dr. Tony Frank