March 14, 2019


Even with yesterday’s snow day, I know that many of you are counting down the hours (even minutes) to Spring Break. That became particularly apparent in this heartfelt message I received from a student last night:

“Can’t we just cancel school one more day? I had to work today during the snow day and all my friends got to party. Tomorrow I don’t have work, and would like to party all day rather than attend school. Please see where I’m coming from, as I just went through all my friends’ Snapchats and it was like being a kid watching kids play outside. No one wants to be a kid and watch kids play outside.”

While I wasn’t persuaded to grant this particular request, it’s clearly that time in the semester when we all can use a break to refresh, re-energize, and prepare for the last push to finals week and commencement. To all of our students (particularly the forlorn message writer above), stay safe, make smart choices, and take care of yourselves and one another. Remember our motto: Rams Take Care of Rams, and strive to live up to it whether you are traveling, working, or just playing outside.

To our faculty and staff, particularly those who worked throughout this week’s storm to ensure students were fed and housed, sidewalks were shoveled, lab animals were cared for, and parking lots were plowed, thank you for all you do – and please take time to enjoy whatever rest you can during the break week.

I look forward to seeing you all back here safely after next week.


Dr. Tony Frank