One of the greatest moments in the history of Colorado State University was the afternoon in 1991 when we welcomed our friend and colleague Tom Sutherland home from his long captivity in Beirut. His spirit and optimism inspired the world, and the deep devotion of his family during the bleak years he was a hostage taught us a profound lesson of courage, faith, and hope. In 2014, we honored Tom and his wife, Jean, with our CSU Founders Day Medal, for exemplary service to Colorado State University and higher education worldwide. Dr. Sutherland passed away today at the age of 85, and the entire Colorado State University community joins once again in honoring a true hero – who believed that an understanding of agricultural science could bring relief to people and communities in hunger – and that education could be a force for good and light in our world that would transcend borders and differences among nations. We offer ourmost sincere condolences to Jean and his family, and the comfort of knowing our hearts are with him in the highlands, and his legacy will live on.


Dr. Tony Frank